Clinton Young’s

In April 2003, when Clinton Young was only nineteen years old, he was convicted of two murders which took place in November 2001 in Texas, and was sentenced to death. During Clinton’s trial, his three co-defendants testified against Clinton and received very lenient sentences in return for their testimony (which later turned out to be false). Clinton has always maintained his innocence in relation to both murders.

In September 2021, after 18 years on death row in solitary confinement, Clinton’s conviction and death sentence was overturned by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Clinton was granted a new trial because of egregious prosecutorial misconduct. It was discovered that the prosecutor in Clinton’s case, who was prosecuting Clinton during trial, direct appeals and post-conviction proceedings, was simultaneously and in secret working as a law clerk for the judges presiding over Clinton’s case.

In January 2022, Clinton was released on bond with the help of the Foundation. Clinton is the first former death row inmate who made it out on bond. In August 2022, Clinton was arrested for the same murder he was already indicted and out on bond for. After 2 weeks in jail, the Foundation got Clinton out on bond again, and Clinton currently awaits his new trial in freedom.

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Learn more: Watch the Documentary

In 2017, renowned Dutch filmmaker Jessica Villerius from Posh Productions made a documentary about Clinton’s case. Watch it here to learn all about the case; such as the flawed ballistic evidence and the false testimonies by Clinton’s co-defendants.

Watch the documentary

Roman Flores’s Case

In 2000, Roman Flores was capital murder and sentenced to life in prison in Texas. On New Year’s Eve in 1997, a young man was shot and killed at a Shell parking lot in Houston. After an extensive investigation with limited means, we believe that Roman is factually and legally innocent of this crime.
We are advocating for Roman and trying to free him so that after 25 years of imprisonment, he can get a second chance at life.

Other Cases

The Foundation works on several other capital murder cases out of Texas. These include both death and non-death capital cases. We have not yet published anything on our other cases, but when the time is right, we will do so on this page.

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