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Clinton’s conviction was overturned by the CCA on September 22, 2021. On October 29, Clinton was officially taken off of death row and transported to the Midland County Detention Center to await his new trial. Help us raise money for his legal defense fund!







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Clinton Needs Your Help

On October 29, 2021 Clinton was officially taken off of death row and transported to the Midland County Detention Center to await his new trial. Even though his conviction has been overturned, the capital murder charge still stands. Clinton therefore still faces a potential death sentence or life in prison. We don’t know what the future holds, but we want to be prepared when we get there. Help us in the fight for justice, and help us in the fight for Clinton’s freedom.


We are raising funds for Clinton’s general legal defense fund. Clinton’s defense fund will be used to pay for legal costs, expenses in county jail, and rehabilitation once Clinton is free.

Where Will The Money Go?

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses will be used to help Clinton’s legal defense team. It’s important that his attorneys are not at a disadvantage simply because of money, so we are asking for your donations now in order to help them in the fight for Clinton’s freedom.


We want to help Clinton raise money for bail so that he can be at home with his family while he awaits his new trial. We cannot predict how much Clinton’s bail will be; but despite the amount, we want to begin raising as much as possible. Money should never decide whether someone is free or not.

Expenses in Jail

When Clinton is held in the Midland County Jail, we want to help pay for his living expenses. This money will be used to improve the overall quality of life in jail by paying for commissary, phone calls, legal books, clothes, etc.


Clinton has been in prison for 20 years, and the transition back into the free world will be difficult. Funds not used for Clinton’s legal expenses, will later be used for his reentry, such as education, counseling, and any other tools that he needs in order to succeed in life.

Questions and Answers

Why start raising money now?

A new trial is going to be expensive, and we need time to raise it. We think of it like buying a new car: you have to plan, save, and be diligent in your goal. Clinton’s new trial is far more important than a new car, but we want to use similar strategies so that his freedom becomes a reality. Therefore, we need to start raising money now.

What is bail?

Bail, in the form of a dollar amount, is a security that a defendant will appear in court. If bail can be paid, the person accused of a crime does not have to await his trial in jail, and instead can await his trial at home. Defendants have two options for paying bond: pay the amount in full to the court, or use a bail bondsman.

If the bail is paid in full by the defendant, the money will be returned to him when he appears in court for trial and after completion of the case. A defendant can also use a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a defendant in court. Bail bondsmen typically charge a cash fee of 10%- 20% of the total bond. The defendant does not get this portion back after completion of the case.

How can this case be resolved other than through a life or death sentence?

This case can be resolved in various ways. One option is that a new trial will take place. The State could seek another death sentence, life imprisonment, or any other sentence depending on the indictment. Another option is that Clinton and the State reach an agreement on the offense and the sentence; a so-called ‘plea-deal’. Lastly, the State could dismiss all charges because of all the prosecutorial misconduct. It is too early to tell which option is more likely. 

Why does Clinton need help with reentry and rehabilitation?

Reentering society after 20 years of incarceration, especially on death row, is a very difficult transition. It is important that Clinton has a support system so that he can focus on his reentry without financial concern. The basics such as living expenses and food are covered, but Clinton will also need mental support through counseling, a chance for education, and access to health care. Your donations will help with that. 

The fight is not over with yet. I have not won until my feet touch the grass.

- Clinton Young

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