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The Clinton Young Foundation advocates for and offers legal assistance to those wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas. Clinton Young’s case, an iconic example of massive injustice, is one of the people we advocate for.


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Clinton's Days on Death Row

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Clinton Needs Your Help

 The Foundation got its name from former death-sentenced individual Clinton Young. His conviction was overturned on September 22, 2021.

On October 29, 2021 Clinton Young was officially taken off death row and transported to the Midland County Detention Center to await his new trial. Even though his conviction has been overturned, the capital murder charge still stands. Clinton therefore still faces a potential death sentence or life in prison.  Help us in the fight for justice, and help us in the fight for Clinton’s freedom.

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What does the Foundation do?


The Foundation advocates for people wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas by raising social awareness and promoting criminal justice reform in the United States.

 legal services

The Foundation offers legal services to those wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas by offering independent investigation and mitigation services.


The Foundation aims to educate the public about the broken American criminal justice system by offering lectures and presentations to the public.  


The Foundation conducts research on important topics related to criminal justice reform and publishes several scholastic articles each year in law journals.   

The fight is not over with yet. I have not won until my feet touch the grass.

- Clinton Young

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