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The Clinton Young Foundation advocates for and offers legal assistance to those wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas. Clinton Young, whose case is an iconic example of massive injustice, is someone we have been advocating for since the start.


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The Clinton Young Foundation helps people who are wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas by offering legal representation and advocacy work. We only offer our services in both the pretrial, trial, and post-conviction phase. We never let our clients pay for our services.

The Foundation got its name from former death-sentenced individual Clinton Young. With our help, Clinton was able to get out on bond in January 2022 after his conviction and death sentence were overturned in September of 2021. Clinton is the first person whose death sentence was overturned to make it out on bond while awaiting a new trial.

Read more about Clinton’s case here.

What does the Foundation do?

Clinton Young

The Foundation was established to advocate for Clinton. Now that he is free, we help Clinton with his rehabilitation, legal fees, and other costs. 


The Foundation advocates for people wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas by raising social awareness and promoting criminal justice reform in the United States.

 legal services

We offer legal services to those wrongfully convicted of capital murder by offering independent investigation, legal representation, and mitigation services.

 education & Research

We aim to educate the public about the broken American criminal justice system by giving lectures, conducting research, and publishing our legal research.  

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