On December 16, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reopened Clinton’s case based on the prosecutorial misconduct and remanded the case back to the District Court in Midland to determine if and what relief Clinton should get. The District Court could rule that Clinton did not get a fair trial and that his conviction and sentence should be vacated.

Clinton’s legal team had asked the Court of Criminal Appeals in Texas to throw out Clinton’s entire conviction and death sentence because for years, the prosecutor in Clinton’s case has secretly worked as a legal advisor for the judge presiding over Clinton’s case. The prosecutor worked on Clinton’s case from both sides. This is against the law; a prosecutor and judge have to work completely independant of one another. This prosecutor’s conduct is in violation with all ethical rules and also with the US Constitution. Even the new prosecutor on Clinton’s case agreed that the case should be reopened. Clinton has been on death row for 17 years for two crimes that he did not commit and was almost executed in 2017. Not only is Clinton innocent, but he was denied a fair trial to prove his innocence.

Watch the video to get all the details about the misconduct. #FairTrialforClintonYoung